Flatiron 1.50: new unwrap options and faster scene baking

Flatiron 1.50: new unwrap options and faster scene baking

Postby Christian Kandler » 15 Dec 2009 16:46

Flatiron has just been released in version 1.50.

Changes and new features in this version:
  • Single Pass Rendering for multiple objects. Flatiron can now bake a whole set of objects in a single render operation instead of rendering them all separately. This reduces render times significantly and improves compatibility with render output formats. See below for details about supported renderers.
  • Surface angle based seam assignments. This improves the unwrap results of hard surface meshes.
  • Flatiron can now automatically distribute the objects over multiple texture maps to allow for greater fine tuning of output sizes.
  • Support for selection sets added. Group your objects into sets and Flatiron can create separate texture maps for each sets.
  • MAXScript support for all the new features
  • A few minor user interface improvements
  • Various minor fixes
The single pass render mode is fully supported for 3ds Max Scanline Renderer, Mental Ray, finalRender and V-Ray (version 1.50 SP4a and up). Brazil and older versions of V-Ray support a compatibility mode that also allows to bake multiple objects at once but this mode ignores object specific settings (i.e. ‘don’t cast shadows’).

This new release is now available at http://flatiron.3d-plugin.com
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