Flatiron 2.10 update with new features

Flatiron 2.10 update with new features

Postby Christian Kandler » 05 Jun 2014 11:08

The constant development of the most powerful scene render-to-texture tool for Autodesk 3ds Max results in the next release of Flatiron with significant upgrades.

Flatiron 2.10 has been improved and refined with additional features:
  • Flatiron 2.10 can now bake full scenes to textures using your own predefined UV map layouts.
  • Flatiron 2.10 is now capable of the unique ability to repack your existing UVs of the whole scene and bake them to textures without re-unwrapping them.
  • Fixed an issue where “Flatten Unwrap” failed in specific cases due to occasional errors while reading the original UV data.
  • Fixed an issue where some objects that were unwrapped with an old version of Flatiron 1 couldn’t be baked correctly without being unwrapped again first.
  • Performance improvements: Plug-in UV data initialization, map distribution and “Flatten Unwrap” performance have been accelerated.

Flatiron 2.10 is available for purchase at http://www.3d-plugin.com for € 299 and is a free update for all existing Flatiron customers.

Training materials are available on the YouTube 3dioplugins channel.

For more information please visit http://www.texturebaking.com
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