Adding bones after fine-tuning

Adding bones after fine-tuning

Postby SteveDGreen » 28 Feb 2014 16:57


I'm not sure if I am misunderstanding the workflow, but I have a medical model where I have weighted the verts by hand

I'm now adding some more bones (away from the weighted area) and it is changing the previously weighted bones pro settings.

Is there any way to avoid this, so bones can be added without undoing work?

My only workaround has been to add a second bones pro modifier for the new bones, but I wanted to know if there was a better solution.


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Re: Adding bones after fine-tuning

Postby Igor Posavec » 21 May 2014 17:18

Hello Steve

sorry for the late answer, i am rarely here in forum. As a customer please write us the support tickets on There you have 24h support as a regular customer!

If you change the bone setup in a body, it will automatically get anomalies. For example, if i would rip out your 2 arm bones and replace them on the fly with 3, i am not sure if your body would understand what is going on :)

If you manually fix the vertex with value X:Y to a Bone, and then delete, replace or add new bone somewhere near, the manual assignment get obsolete. It loses the reference. In most cases the bone replacement causes only local anomalies but the distant areas of the body not affected by the bones will work as usual (as on the example above, after i ripped out your bones out of arm and replaced them with new, you would be still able to walk - i did not touch the legs! But you wont be able to bend you elbow for a long time. At least as long as you don't fix it somehow) :)

Some users in the past asked about it, and i offered that we can program the solution for this problem as soon as someone writes us down a logical explanation what should happen with the new assignments. Since it was done manually, and you add afterward new bones - how this manual assignments should work in this case at all. they have lost the bone, and now there are 2 or 3 new in the neighborhood. The computer does not know what to do with them...

best regards
igor posavec
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