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[RESOLVED] How to select specific elements/objects?

PostPosted: 11 Dec 2013 21:52
by Neptune
Hello 3d plugin community,

Im fairly new to max and bonespro and am wondering how to select just my head and helmet in order to isolate them so I can apply all the head and neck bones weight to just those 2 objects and remove that weight from the surrounding area. As you can see my head bones weight is influencing the collar armor which should be rigid but instead it is stretching with my head which obviously is not what I want happen.

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Re: How to select specific elements/objects?

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2013 16:13
by Igor Posavec
yes, it is easy!

Please go to:

open "05. Fast character skin setup" and somewhere in the middle you will see how to isolate influences from one part of the body from the other. Also video 06 and 07 go into details of this subject (which is actually 2 mouse clicks)

best regards

Re: How to select specific elements/objects?

PostPosted: 19 Dec 2013 22:41
by Neptune
Thanks man, those vids are great, really helped me out. I have to say though there kinda small, makes its rather difficult to see what your clicking.

Ive stumbled across several minor issues, firstly, how do I group all my bones like you did your Knight (stack selection?) and add them to the drop down? secondly, when I attempt to add the bonespro modifier to my other objects - 'copy from another bonespro' nothing appears in the list, so I have to assign the rig bones to the skin normally -_-

Lastly, Im finding it a bit tedious when force removing rogue boneweight from left/right leg, head, backpack etc as I have to switch to wireframe in order to see my bones and click them (mesh covers up 95% of my bones) then switching back into realistic to check deformation - is there an easier/faster way to do this?


Oh an before I forget, Im using bonespro to skin game models for Unity, I heard unity dosnt support bonespro skin, but that you can convert it to a normal skin which it can recognize. How do I do this?

Cheers! :)

Re: How to select specific elements/objects?

PostPosted: 24 Aug 2014 00:49
by Igor Posavec
it is one click - if you want to export to unity or any other 3d-engine, just press "Export Skin" in BonesPro. Voilla. Then you have your model compatible with everything what can read max game data