Total Installation info needed

Total Installation info needed

Postby Sitrane » 04 Jul 2011 23:47

Hey there,

I am using the trial version of Unwrella but I am running into a problem.

I am now using Maya 2011 X64 instead of 3D Studio Max and I have NEVER installed a plugin before.

I finally got an email for a license key but because I was unable to figure out how to install it properly, my key is now gone and cannot be reused.

Could someone be willing to walk me through, step by step, to install this plug-in all the way?

The help file included, "3d-io Plugins - Installation and Licensing Manual" reads like gibberish to me.

I hate being "that guy" but this is making 0 sense to me and I cannot seem to find a post that "dumbs" this process down for someone such as myself.

Thank you in advance!
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