Maya 2008 Unwrella2 trial plugin error

Maya 2008 Unwrella2 trial plugin error

Postby KNIGHTHAWK » 01 Jul 2009 04:59

I installed the Unwrella2 plugin trial version for Maya 2008 but I'm am getting this error when I try to press the Modify Unwrella function. The error is #Error: name 'UnwrellaUI' is not defined
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Re: Maya 2008 Unwrella2 trial plugin error

Postby Christian Kandler » 01 Jul 2009 13:27

The error occurs when Maya can not find the script for the user interface.

Which version of Maya are you using? In some versions and configurations Maya will not use the paths specified in the modules directory for Python scripts which were set by the plug-in installer. There should be a copy of the script in the user account's Maya script directory. If you installed the plug-in with a different user account than the one you are using now and the modules directory entry is ignored by your Maya then it will not find the script on its own.

To fix this you need to make sure that your PYTHONPATH environment variable points to a directory that contains the file ''. You can find this file in a script subdirectory of the directory where you installed the plug-in and in the user scripts directory of the account under which the plug-in was installed. You can either add one of those directories to your PYTHONPATH or copy the script into another directory where Maya checks for scripts.

If you need further information about the PYTHONPATH environment variable you can check the chapter 'Python in Maya' in your Maya manual.
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