[RESOLVED] Unwrella dependency on saved files?

[RESOLVED] Unwrella dependency on saved files?

Postby peters » 17 May 2009 10:56

Hi guys,

I've noticed something unusual that hasn't been discussed yet, I dunno but maybe I'm missing something. As far as I'm aware Unwrella 2 for Maya unpacks the selected object to an effecient UV Map. When opening the saved .mb file though, it seems to REQUIRE that Unwrella 2 is running, and then attempt to unwrap the object (again). This brings up some serious problems. Firstly, if Unwrella cannot successfully unwrap the object (brings up a D3DX_INVALIDDATA error), you close the window and do a manual uv map, save the file and close it... the next time you open your .mb with Maya it brings up an *infinite loop* of error messages from Maya saying the same error - D3DX_INVALIDDATA. Forcefully unloading Unwrella then crashes Maya 2009... not good.

Secondly I model with maya on Windows, and import into a game development engine on a Mac (Unity 3D). When I try to open the .mb in Maya for Mac OSX it can't, just says 'requires unwrella" "2.00"; - why the heck would Unwrella be required on my iMac to open my work? This has now completely prevented me from using my asset in my game engine. Can someone please explain to me how I can open my Maya .mb scene (unwrapped with Unwrella) on Maya for Mac OSX ?

Please tell me this is possible...
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Re: Unwrella dependency on saved files?

Postby Christian Kandler » 18 May 2009 09:51

When a scene has any Unwrella nodes in the graph then the dependency is created because because Maya needs to know how to evaluate Unwrella nodes. When you bake the Unwrella nodes into the objects by removing the history the dependency is automatically removed.

The infinite loop error has not been encountered before. If the mesh cannot be unwrapped by the Unwrella node it should warn once and then apply your other changes normally. Do you have a sample scene where this error can be reproduced that you could attach here or send us via email? We'll look into this issue.
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