keep_seams doesn't seem to be working

keep_seams doesn't seem to be working

Postby tony_et » 05 May 2016 20:42

I'm having a little trouble with Unwrella (am using 3.3.0) in 3dsmax 2015. I have a script that automatically applies an Unwrella modifier to a series of objects, targeting uv channel 3. Everything's been fine until the most recent change where we're trying to use unwrella.keep_seams and unwrella.source_channel. here's a code snippet:

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uMod = Unwrella()
addModifier obj uMod
uMod.map_channel = 3 -- map channel to unwrap into
uMod.keep_seams = true
uMod.source_channel = 1
uMod.polygonal = true
uMod.mode = 0

the above code works, but the result is not what i would expect for keep_seams. in fact, it's identical to the result that i get if i leave keep_seams set to false. if i do the same thing via the modifier's interface, it works and i get the results i'm expecting. i could use some guidance -- am i scripting this incorrectly? i have been working off of the available documentation at:

i would use the interface instead if it were feasible, but we're operating on thousands of objects, which means that we need to script as much as possible.

one other wierd thing is that i have to call unwrap() twice to get the unwrap to work. additionally in the interface, i have to click "Unwrap" twice to get the process to start. any thoughts on that?


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