[3DSMAX] Error on Unwrapping Patches

[3DSMAX] Error on Unwrapping Patches

Postby xonosnet » 30 Nov 2015 22:12

Hello! I just bought unwrella today and I am having an issue. I do spline cage modeling and I intended to use this on unwrapping models with a surface modifier. This didn't work (and I really didn't expect it to) however, I received the exact same error when attempting to unwrap the model after converting it to an editable patch. I need it to work with editable patches for multiple reasons. I unwrap editable patches all the time with the stock UVW Unwrap modifier but I am surprised it doesn't work with Unwrella. I understand that this works with editable mesh & poly but this isn't an option for me.

This is the error I receive when I try:

Unwrapping not possible. Try increasing the allowed stretch or the texture size. (D3DERR_INVALIDDATA)

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