what gives?!

what gives?!

Postby sgtkoolaid » 10 Sep 2015 04:25

i tried to uv a tire, and this is the result i got. bit of a pain if I can't even uv a simple tire. thoughts on a solution? i tried cutting it in one spot, i tried cutting it in 2 spots, i tried planar, i tried cylinder, no dice i get this funky UV result.

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Re: what gives?!

Postby mattsimecek » 22 Oct 2015 22:55

if you tried unwrappping it yourself (in 1 piece) then applied unwrella ,with Preserve seems,... then i'm not sure it's a do-able thing.

i have noticed unwrella likes to add it's own seems. when i use the unwrella script


sometimes it will correctly follow my seams
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Re: what gives?!

Postby sgtkoolaid » 09 Nov 2015 15:49

well that is the thing. i did it as one piece with the middle edge cut so it split apart and flattened. and did essentially the same thing except that instead of 2 pieces it was one curved piece like the image I applied. So what course of action do I have related to 'tube" like structures? Is there a manner in which it has to be done in order to get a flat tube?
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Re: what gives?!

Postby RobH2 » 31 Jan 2016 20:32

I'll keep searching here but I'm having the same issue. I think the subject of this thread is poorly worded so a lot of people won' t ever see it. I might reword and repost it to see if it helps.

But I have the same issue. I clear the existing UVWs so all I have when I put 'UVW Unwrap' Max modifer on is green open edges. I use 'Point-to-Point' to add my red seams to split my object. I click 'Convert Edge selection to Seams' and then I click the 'Unwrella Seam Helper' and Unwrella adds a bunch of new blue seams that destroys what I originally set up.

Is there a workaround or cause for this?

Edit: I found a few posts that discuss the "Texture Stretch" settings. They are still too broad and still take over and make automatic decisions. I think Unwrella is good for very complex objects or large numbers of objects if you want a global unwrap program but if you truly want to manually control it, it lacks the necessary controls.
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