[RESOLVED] Unwrella and hard surface models

[RESOLVED] Unwrella and hard surface models

Postby marlow7 » 18 Jan 2014 21:54

It says in your introduction to Unwrella that it is "Excellent for all kinds of models (organic, human, industrial)". I am interested in hard surface modelling only. Does "industrial" mean that Unwrella is suitable for objects like industrial machinery and hard surface models in general?
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Re: Unwrella and hard surface models

Postby Igor Posavec » 27 Jan 2014 11:48

Hello Marlow,

thank you for your inquiry. Unwrella creates seams using special software parameters, and it may work well in both cases. It was indeed created to execute instant unwrapping of RT game assets for fast and exact texture baking, but meanwhile it can be used for almost anything. I can now make a philosophy of how nice or ugly some objects get unwrapped in this mechanical way, but since you did not deliver any exact example where we can think about it or analyze it, my answer can be everything...
Either you deliver us a test case where we can see what you want to unwrap and make a kind of test (what is what i would like to avoid) or you simply download and install Unwrella on your computer and test it yourself. Unwrella has no limitations, save 14/30 days trial (the optimal solution).
This is basically always the best way to see if it delivers desired effects :)

best regards
igor posavec
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