limit rotatation checkbox

limit rotatation checkbox

Postby AlecMoody » 08 Feb 2010 21:12

I have been using uv packer to pack lightmap uvs. One thing I have noticed is that sometimes the software chooses to rotate rectangular faces at an arbitrary angle in an attempt to be more efficient. It would be nice if there was a check box that just said "limit rotation to 90 degree increments."

Another possibility would be for the packer to look for elements with lines that are exactly parallel to the uv axes and then automatically limit the rotation to 90 degree increments only on those elements.

I attached a sample image of the issue. Notice the cluster in the top right.
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Re: limit rotatation checkbox

Postby Igor Posavec » 13 Feb 2010 20:04

Hello Alec,

thank you for the very extensive descriptions of features! Some of them are also on my list since a while, i will try to "push" them more in the development section in hope they find time to implement them before the next release.

As far as i have understood the talks here (i am no programmer) there is almost no way to tell a UV chunk in a 3d mathematic language what is 90°. Any edge on the border can be taken as x and the whole cluster rotated so that this edge is parallel to the zero ground (in uv pannel). While this could work by a box with exact quads, this will never work by bigger UV-Chunks containting 1000+ uv faces (and 1000+ uv edges - which one on the boarder of the UV Chunk should be considered as a rotation axis?)

I think we will have in the next release something that may gives more options by uv packing.
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