uv chart size after packing

uv chart size after packing

Postby lee.d » 16 Aug 2013 09:08


I find uv packer to be of great use during production, and it is a great tool , but there is an issue I was hoping could be fixed on future releases if possible:

The issue is:

I use a combination of unwrella and uvpacker for packing uvw ready for lightmapping

what uv packer does very well is pack and fit the uv charts into the given texture width and height with the given padding, with appropriate scaling based on area of polygons.

The problem is if there are a lot of seperate uv charts after the pack from complex geomtry, and a lot of small uv charts are created, from such things as window alcoves on buildings for example, then what happens is that the smallest uv charts end up using less than 1 pixel resolution, which is of no use for lightmapping and causes errors , quite often creating uvw pieces that are a fraction of 1 pxel after the pack.

What would be ideal is to be able to set a minimum size for the uvw charts so that they would neve be less than the typed in value relevent to the initial texture width and height, or at the very least not less that one pixel.

Obviously this could only work for certain texture width and height for the pack, i normally use 2048 or 4096 for the texture size.


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