Network Render issue 109 3dsmax adapter error

Network Render issue 109 3dsmax adapter error

Postby pipfazakerley » 28 Jan 2016 14:56


We're using 3ds MAX 2016 and we're having trouble getting a multipass network render job to finish. I had quite a large task set up with 160 elements spread over our render nodes and they got through the first 20 or so elements before they all started saying "3ds max adapter error 109 pipe has been ended". The render nodes would keep retrying and occasionally one or two would get through and start a new frame but most of them would just keep having the error. Suspending the job and Activating the job would sometimes let one start again but most of the time they would all just have the same error over and over again.

I found a topic on this forum that talks about this error but it talked about removing the MAX 2012 Subscriber advantage pack but I don't even have that installed.

Can anyone help with this?
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