[DEMO Limitation] Flatiron baking issues [v 2.13 Demo ver]

[DEMO Limitation] Flatiron baking issues [v 2.13 Demo ver]

Postby TrxGT » 27 Jul 2015 12:49

I'm trying to bake the textures using Flatiron and decided to go with the demo version for trying out the features before purchasing it. I have already unwrapped the scene and used the pack existing feature of Flatiron to pack the items in the room in one sheet. I did the selection set process for all the items into its own set but after the whole process is over, this is the result I get:


These are my settings:


Am I doing something wrong or is it how the demo version behaves?

I am on 3ds max 2015 with Vray 3.00.08

I tried everything that the tutorial on the website instructs me to do and I am not getting any results. I was really hoping this would work.
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Re: Flatiron baking issues [v 2.13 Demo ver]

Postby Igor Posavec » 04 Aug 2015 18:12

hello Trxgt

thank you for your report.
The demo version cant save maps to HD. It renders them only virtually, so the user can see if everything is compatible with his scene and renderer. You can even see the renderprogress till the end.

In the commercial version there is no such limitation - the textures are baked to HD and pasted clean on the meshes back, as desired.

if you have more questions or need more info please feel free to contact us anytime
best regards
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