[RESOVLED] bake on existing UV's

[RESOVLED] bake on existing UV's

Postby remy » 19 May 2015 07:35

One more question :
Is it possible to bake some textures by using existing UV's (without using the Flatiron "Unwrap" tool) ?
The button "bake group" stay inactive as long as I choose an Unwrap Group, but if I want to keep originals UV's I don't use "Unwrap" tool and there is no Unwrap Group...
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Re: bake on existing UV's

Postby Igor Posavec » 28 Jun 2016 16:11


yes, in the latest FlatIron verison you can use the option "Keep Existing". This way you can bake without unwrapping in FlatIron, using your own UVWs :)

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