keep diffuse on map channel 1

keep diffuse on map channel 1

Postby remy » 28 Apr 2015 15:35

Sorry I think the question was already asked, but I don't find it on the forum.

Here is my problem :
Because of the real-time engine we use, some objects in my 3D scene use UV range bigger than 1 for Diffuse repetitive textures. Some other objects use UV faces superposition to repeat Diffuse texture.
I want to :
- keep the original standard material
- keep original DIFFUSE texture on origninal UV map channel 1
- bake lightmap, connect it on Self-Illumination on an other UV map channel I choosed

To be clear I join a picture

explications.jpg (91.14 KiB) Viewed 4870 times

I don't know how to do this, can you explain to me ? Thank you very much !
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Re: keep diffuse on map channel 1

Postby remy » 19 May 2015 06:49


I was thinking my problem was a classic one, but apparently not...

So I make an ugly maxscript that I have to run after Flatiron baking pass. This script do this operations :
- select the shell material on the selected object
- select the flatiron baked material connected on the shell material
- select the baked lightmap (bitmap node) on the self-illumination node
- connect-it to the self-illumination channel of the orginal material
- apply the original material on the selected object instead of the shell material

If anyone is interested in this script I can share it.

Sorry for bad english
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Re: keep diffuse on map channel 1

Postby rage » 13 Jan 2016 17:02

Your problem is also my big one! so can you please share your script?
I'm wondering if 3d-io can take a look for solve this issue.. I'm a 3ds max user and - even if I'm sure that is not the best 3d software in the world - it can handle this kind of process.
I've been working on architectural real-time previz in the last years and I can certainly say that duplicating baked maps in to source, baked or whatever material you want is a standard basic operation.
Think if you have to copy the lightmap manually from baked to source material for hundreds of times!

Please Igor take in consideration to solving this problem ;)
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